Small Fruit basket $35

Large Fruit basket $65

Gourmet Fruit & Veg Basket $65

Fruit Basket with Teddy $54

Optional Extras

Gourmet Chocolate dipping sauce

Pudding Lane Christmas puddings

Brookfarm Muesli

Free Range Eggs

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"I first used Sally and Patrick’s when clients of mine expanded their fitness business. I sent a fruit basket due to them working in the health industry. I have since used it for repeat clients as a thank you, for new baby’s and recently as a gift for a grieving family instead of sending flowers. They have all been very excited about the gift and I like that it is a little bit unique to the “norm”. I have also received a fruit basket myself and can vouch for the food being delicious! I would highly recommend Sally and Patrick’s to everyone.” Patrick Mears

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